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Our Story

Littleshed18 came into being when the amount of tools and gadgets I had for my different crafts started to take over the house.

I was at that time also running jewellery workshops from home and decided it would be a great idea to build a garden workshop for me to work in and for people to come and learn and also be able to use all the jewellery making  tools I have.This was a great way for people to find their own artistic flair by trying different techniques without the expense of buying their own equipment.

I love working with kiln fused glass and also run workshops so others can have a go at this fascinating craft.

If you can’t get to a workshop I offer letterbox kits where you can decorate your own fused glass keepsakes at home.You choose the ready fused glass pieces and these are posted to you along with a set of special pens so you can decorate the surface.Once oven baked the design on top becomes permanent and dishwasher safe.

These little keepsakes make a wonderful and thoughtful gift for your family and friends.

Get in touch if you need to discuss your ideas and see what we can do.

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